Masterfully Crafted TVs for Outdoor Living

Enhance your space with the largest, all-weather TV that is designed to deliver  entertainment, year round.

Designed for over 100,000 hours of use.  Flexible payment options starting at just $199/mo.

The Largest Outdoor TVs in the USA

At YOLO TV (Your Outdoor Living Oasis TV), we believe in living life BIG. Our all-weather, daylight bright TVs use state-of-the-art LEDs so you can enjoy year-round entertainment.


Watch the big game by the pool, enjoy video games with friends, or catch a movie under the stars with family. Our TVs bring immersive experiences all year long.

  • Many ways to pay. We offer several ways to pay, whether you want to pay in full or explore financing (starting at lower than $110/month).
  • No Enclosure. No Glare. Our TVs are 3-5 times brighter than other TVs so you can view easily even when the sun is out.
  • Rugged engineering. Designed to withstand outdoor elements all year long.
  • LED SMD Technology. Our TVs use LED SMD technology and do not require enclosures that can cause glare and heat issues.
  • Largest TVs in the USA. Size matters! Our TVs are the largest in the US. It takes nine 70″ TVs to equal the size of one of our 202″ TVs.
  • Show Stopper. YOLO TVs are showstoppers. Not only is the picture beautiful and visible any time of day, but our TVs are also designed to work with your outdoor oasis.


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YOLO TV Brightness vs. Other Brands

 YOLO TVs are engineered for extreme outdoor environments and sunlight. Each of our outdoor televisions are 6,000 nits brightness.


The Process is Simple


Book a time to speak with one of our friendly team members. We’ll listen to you and learn your vision.


Now it’s time to take a look at your space! We will either perform an on-site survey, or do the survey virtually.


After we complete the survey, we create a rendering. This is where your vision starts to come to life.


Last, but not least, it’s time to make sure everything is perfect and execute the contract.

The Bigger, the Better

Next-Level Features



Visible in Daylight

Day or night, rain or shine.

Wide Viewing Angle

Super wide viewing angle > 140 degrees! Clearly visible from anywhere in the entertainment area

Fast, Speedy

Processes image data up to 100,000 times per second, 500 times the refresh rate of a modern TV screen

Largest in the USA

Largest outdoor HD LED screens in the USA! Ranging from 158″ to over 300″.


Rugged, All-Weather

IP-65 rated weather resistant to rain, heat, sun, AND snow.


Fully integrate with AV equipment including gaming systems, blu-rays, and speakers.