Have questions? – Booked Main bb@yolotvs.com August 31, 2023

Have questions?

Our clients did too! Listen to what they have to say...

YOLO TV is a one-of-a-kind pioneer in the outdoor TV entertainment space, it's not uncommon for people to have questions. 

These are all common questions, really good questions. 
We have always believed it is better to hear it from the horses mouth (client) than for us to tell it. (Pardon our Texas talk)

Many of our clients had lots of questions... maybe some of the same ones you may have?
What does the TV look like in person? 
How does a YOLO TV compare to your expectations after receiving it?
Are there seams?
How bright is it?
How big is it?
How is YOLO TVs service/responsiveness?

Listen to what happy YOLO TV customers have to say in this video. Hear about their experiences and what they expect from YOLO TV.

Be the talk of the town!

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