How will an Outdoor TV increase your home's value?

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This image is a screenshot from one of our clients who hired
Sotheby to sell their home. 
We had absolutely no input, nor knew that the owner was selling this home. But what is really cool, is how the realtor understood what really set this home apart from the others and it’s true value proposition.  The one thing that separated this mansion from all the others… It’s not the indoor, or outdoor pools. It’s not the bowling alley, outdoor kitchen, or wine cellar or 12 car garage.

What separates this property from all the others is… The outdoor TV! 
That is the reason why the realtor added the text “With 250-inch Outdoor TV” in the title of the the listing.  

And if you take a closer look, you will see the Sotheby’s realtor added the text “With 250-inch Outdoor TV” even BEFORE he/she mentioned the price of the mansion itself!  
That should tell you all you need to know about the impact a YOLO outdoor TV can have on your home’s value!

Forget about the 12 car garage, wine cellar, sports courts, swimming pool, hot tub, library, etc… It’s the 250-in outdoor TV that really sets this home apart – and IT is what anyone who visits the home is and will be talking about. 

Forbes Magazine recently published an article that focused on a report in which points out that since that pandemic, Americans are making the most of every inch of outdoor space. In fact 85% of construction experts agree that homeowners are more willing to invest in outdoor living spaces than before the pandemic. And more homeowners are searching for that wow factor. So it’s no surprise that YOLO TV (You Only Live Once) made its breakthrough during the pandemic. While many homeowners were looking to invest in their backyards and add the pools, outdoor kitchens and yes the giant outdoor TV! We are here to add to the wow factor of your outdoor living space. Find out how

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