What are the next steps?

1. Site survey

Choose a location on where you want to put the YOLO TV.

Send us the photo with dimensions so we can help you with the measurements and the best location of your YOLO TV.

2. Receive a Previsualization 

Standard Delivery Time is 10-12 weeks.
Rush orders are subject to approval.

3. Sign Agreement

4. Schedule Team Kickoff Call

Meet the team, talk about your project, find out what to expect and ask any questions you may have about your project.

A project manager will be assigned to you.

Any constructions that needs to be done will be discussed too.

5. YOLO TV Engineered Drawings Provided

6. YOLO TV Creates Mounting and Cad Drawings

7. Order Materials 

YOLO TV will assist your contractor in sourcing materials as needed  YOLO TV is not responsible for construction or structure building, but we will help source materials as needed.

8. Burn-in and Testing

It will take 8 weeks to complete the productions, burn-in, testing, and quality control.

Once the construction is ready, we will set our Commissioning Day. This is our install date. 2 technicians will go to your residence and will install the TV.  

Training is included

Commissioning Day

Manufacturing, quality control, burn in and testing take up to 8 weeks. Once testing is complete you will hear from your project manager to discuss the shipping process. 

9. Shipping

You will receive a pre-ship invoice once this is paid your shipping date will be estimated. 

Your project manager will assist in getting this scheduled. 

Shipping is handled by an outside company and we do not have control over the arrival date, only a window. 

So the sooner your invoice is paid the quicker you’ll get on the schedule. 

10. Installation

a large screen on a wall

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Your Project Manager will reach out and coordinate the technician’s schedules to find the best day to install your YOLO TV. 

Finished Products