Outdoor TV Built for the Outdoors

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YOLO TVs are delivered and built using modular high resolution LED display panels. The YOLO TV technology provides a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true color and unmatched clarity.

Ideal for one-of-a-kind visual experiences, the YOLO Outdoor TV was created as more and more families transition their living spaces from indoors to outdoor living. Homeowners have long had options for covered patios, pools and outdoor kitchens, and even outdoor audio options. However, there has never been an option for true outdoor television and video entertainment. When we say true option, we mean fully weatherproof against all of mother nature’s seasons (winter snow and ice, summer heat and spring and fall rain and winds).

Outdoor living presents other inherit challenges. Typically, your outdoor living space is much larger than your living room or media room inside your home. Larger spaces hold more people, therefore the need for larger viewing surface (screen). We have all been to our friend’s house who had a TV placed outside under a patio or on a table, where lots of people are huddled around trying to watch a small TV (70″). Then when you add in ambient light (even under covered patios), the TV is difficult to see. And the fact is, if you cannot see the TV screen, how in the world can you watch it?

YOLO TV is more than a TV

Sure you can watch TV, but the possibilities are endless. Of course, you will have the Superbowl Party, Kentucky Derby Party, Oscars Watching Party or Boxing Championship get-togethers everyone will look forward to each year. But also, our simple HDMI inputs allow your kids to plug and play video gaming systems, connect blu-ray for movie sleepovers and even make a splash with “dive-in movies” while lounging in the pool.

We are all about helping you and your loved ones make memories.

In the past, homeowners were forced to compromise on quality when increasing size in their pursuit of outdoor tv solutions. That issue no longer exists.

YOLO TVs have taken the next step in transforming the backyard entertainment landscape, delivering the best all weather outdoor tv solutions. Our display technology is delivering a truly exclusive and game-changing experience. Its vivid images and over color palette boasting over 4.4 trillion colors along with IP 65 protection and over 5500 nits brightness are unparalleled.

Our Outdoor TVs are Over 5500 nits. That’s 800% brighter than a regular TV and over 250% brighter than the brightest LCD TV on the market today Because our screens are the brightest on the market, we have incorporated an automated ambient light dimming sensor. This sensor detects the amount of ambient light on the screen and then adjusts the screen’s brightness accordingly. So as it gets darker outside, the screen will automatically adjust to the light conditions to provide the perfect image. Our TV screens are usually running at less than 15% brightness after dark.

The investment in a YOLO TV is not a short-term acquisition. As a matter of fact, we designed the hardware to last for over 100,000 hours of continuous 24/7/365 use (11.4 years). Even after 11 years of continuous use, a YOLO TV is at half brightness. So, what this means is after 11 years straight of 24/7/365 use… the screen’s brightness is at 50% of the brightness that it had the day it was first lit up. which is still brighter than any outdoor tv on the market today… when it is brand new!!!

YOLO TV LED technology was mostly held within entertainment venues such as sports stadiums, casinos, concert venues, and experiential applications. The technology is being used to replace projectors and LCD video walls to provide the impossible to ignore “wow factor”.

The rugged design and shock-resistant technology make the walls nearly impervious to damage from homerun baseballs, bumps and scratches, and is also resistant to water, dust and static shock.

Do our TVs include sound? Absolutely. we can provide a sound system that will meet the needs and demands of the outdoors or we can integrate your existing av and home automation equipment.

Worry free ownership. YOLO TVs have a warranty covering the hardware for two years. Anything goes wrong, we will replace the defective part, and if necessary, we will go on-site to fix it at no charge to you.

Our clients want the best. Our clients want to invest in their family and time spent together, as well as, increase the value of their home.

YOLO TV vs Projector

A projector cannot be seen in daylight. Therefore you’re relegated to just a few hours in the evening to enjoy your TV. Further, a projector is not weatherproof and the screen is typically flimsy. Thus, you must set it up and break it down after each use.

YOLO TV vs Samsung Terrace or Sunbrite TV

Neither of those TVs are built to withstand direct sunlight, outdoor weather or are large enough to accommodate large group viewing necessary in an outdoor space.

We only get to live life once… and tomorrow is never promised.

So why not live large… and let’s create something really cool together?

In these crazy times… we are putting a new spin on an old saying…

Go Big… and Stay Home.

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