Jaime's Story

Many of our clients initially told us our pricing seemed high.

However, after they’ve done their due diligence and carefully

compared other options to YOLO TV, they quickly realize the YOLO TV is not only the better TV – bigger, brighter, better engineered and backed by the best warranty in the industry.

It is also a much, much better value.

Take for instance Jamie Lopez in Florida, just a hard working guy,

wanting the best he can do for his family.

Here’s how Jaime came to realize the best option for his family…

in his own words… ​

Created for Life, Engineered for a Lifetime

Biggest residential TVs made on the planet (115 inches – 317 inches)

Brightest TV made – More than 2X brighter than any other TV today.  Engineered to be seen in direct sunlight.  (no more waiting until dark to watch TV outside)

Best warranty – Choose YOLO with confidence, backed by industry leading five year Peace of Mind warranty


Outdoor TV Installation Inspiration

5 Year warranty



100% waterproof

5 star service

no enclosure needed

easily seen in direct sunlight

usable all year round

What Clients Are Saying About Our Outdoor Televisions

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I love my YOLO 138.
For the price you can't beat it. Needs some planning, but these things are awesome!!!

Jon Kinney

Las Vegas, NV

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It is bigger than what I expected. Able to watch sports and for family gatherings. I'm so very happy with it!

Jaime Lopez

Orlando, FL

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The clarity is amazing.
I cannot believe how bright it is. even with sunlight directly
shining down on it. It is easy to see. Couldn't be happier.

Tom Ramsey

Austin, TX

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Absolutely phenomenal. This was my first test run on a large outdoor TV for my short term rental homes. It’s an absolute hit. Increased revenue immediately. I was a little hesitant but so happy with the results. Hundred percent recommend Yolo TVs.

Steve Austin

Indio, CA

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Screen looks amazing! They did a great job. Freaking love it !! So good thank you.

Brent Walters

Sour Lake, TX

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YOLO TV... Easy as 1, 2, 3...


Start with a Survey by sending photos and measurements


Sign the Agreement and schedule a Team Kickoff Call


Create a "to scale" Rendering

The numbers add up to YOLO TV
being the best outdoor TV and the best value.

Seven sizes to choose from ranging from 115 in to 317 in.

We design our TVs to be big on purpose. Outdoor spaces are big. Pools are big. Backyards are big. So your outdoor TV should be big. Our largest TV is 317 in.
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YOLO TVs are the brightest TVs on the planet. Our TVs are 5x brighter than any other TV on the market today. At over 6000 nits bright, our TVs are easily viewable in the direct sunlight.
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Our TVs are built to last. If you turned on your YOLO TV and let it run continuously for  100,000 hours  (11 years and 4 months) – it would still be twice as bright as any TV on the market today!

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