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"Absolutely phenomenal. This was my first test run on a large outdoor TV for my short term rental homes. It’s an absolute hit. Increased revenue immediately. I was a little hesitant but so happy with the results. Hundred percent recommended YOLO TVs.


Installation Date

October 2022



Install Type

Wall Mount

The client is an operator and owner of multiple vacation home rental properties in the highly sought after and competitive market of Palm Springs, California. Steve had come to YOLO TV in search of adding a “Wow Factor” to his property. In the neighborhood where this particular property was located was extremely competitive with over 25 home rentals available in the gated community.

Upon receiving pictures and conducting a video walkthrough of the property, it was decided that the YOLO-158 would be the ideal size. However, the next question was, how to install it? The homeowner, was quick decide, and build a cinder block wall next to the pool for the YOLO team to mount and install the TV. Once the site was ready for installation, the YOLO team arrived in sunny California and began mounting the TV to the wall and connecting the electrical and data wiring.

Upon completion of the installation, the YOLO team trained the homeowner and his team how to use the app on his phone to control his YOLO TV, conducted basic maintenance and troubleshooting training, and the lit up the TV. The home already had a beautiful pool, golf putting green, table tennis and many other fun activities for guests. So the YOLO TV was the proverbial cherry on top!

Tasks and Challenges

Because the YOLO TV was being installed in a rental home, it was imperative the TV was easy to operate for guests, rugged to withstand the abuse that rentals incur, and it had to be very simple to maintain. So, to ensure ease of use, the connection to the TV was made directly to a 7.1 Denon AVR, which was used to seamlessly switch between the various video and audio inputs, including Roku, Playstation gaming system, Blu-Ray player and more.

Installation Gallery

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Mountain View with YOLO TV 158"
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Close up view of YOLO TV Install
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Panoramic View
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YOLO TV screen at night
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