"I love my YOLO 138. For the price you can't beat it. Needs some planning, but these things are awesome!!!"


Installation Date

July 2021



This Outdoor Oasis just wasn’t complete without the icing on the cake
– a YOLO TV.

This client was in the process of revamping his outdoor Oasis with an infinity pool, upgraded furniture and ultra modern firepit and seating area. As this client was exploring outdoor televisions he couldn’t find one big enough, bright enough or one that could handle the Las Vegas summer heat. Until… he found YOLO TVs. We helped him choose the perfect size that would blend in with his aesthetic and give his Oasis the wow factor he desired.  Once our client took photos, a few measurements and had a remote video call with us we were able to help him select the size and give some direction on the prep work that needed to be done to transform his vision into reality. Once a few things were completed on his end the rest was up to us. And all the client needed to do was prepare for his upcoming viewing party of an MMA match.

We are thrilled to be a centerpiece in this extraordinary backyard Oasis boasting  breathtaking views of beautiful sunsets and the Las Vegas Strip.

Tasks and Challenges

The client’s impeccable taste and attention to detail is what drove them to YOLO TV.  Prior to our introduction, the largest TV the client could find was 100 inches.  And if we are being honest, it would have looked like a postage stamp on his wall rather than the technological centerpiece that it should.  

To create Your Outdoor Living Oasis for our client, the YOLO install team worked through temperatures rising each day between 116-degrees and 121-degrees.  Despite these challenges, the installation turned out to be amazing and the finished visual is second only to the spectacular views.

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