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The project


01 December 2022


Largests TVs



After searching for a solution that would provide a TV that was big enough, and bright enough to be seen in daylight, plus was impervious to the high winds, rain and heat in Austin, TX – the client found YOLO TV. After exchanging a couple of pictures of the area, and conducting an on-site survey, we were able to work with the client to help make his vision for an incredible outdoor entertaining space come to fruition. With help from his AV team, we integrated the YOLO TV with a Control 4 automation system to provide easy access and use of the TV.

The Control 4 system was also able to seamlessly provide a split screen into four (4) sections. The four sections each have their own input, so they are displaying different signals, and they can be arranged in just about any way, ie (four equal sized screens, one large screen and three smaller ones on the bottom, or on the top of either sides. This amazing entertainment oasis is a true diamond in the rough of Austin Hill Country.

Our Tasks and Challenges


01 December 2022


Largests TVs



The biggest challenge was on the installation itself. The YOLO TV was mounted on the backside of two stacked train cargo containers. To reach the back of the TV was over 20ft in the air. So, we worked with the client to install a service platform on the backside of the containers and level with the TV so that our team could safely install and service the TV as needed.

Further, because the TV faces South, direct Sunlight was an initial concern of the client. Could he clearly see the TV in daylight? Our TVs are the brightest on the market today, boasting nearly 6000 nits of brightness (nearly 6 times brighter than any other TV built today.)

The answer was a resounding… Yes!

Installation Gallery

Client Testimonial

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I love my YOLO 138.
For the price you can't beat it. Needs some planning, but these things are awesome!!!

Jon Kinney

Las Vegas, NV

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It is bigger than what I expected. Able to watch sports and for family gatherings. I'm so very happy with it!

Jaime Lopez

Orlando, FL

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The clarity is amazing.
I cannot believe how bright it is. even with sunlight directly
shining down on it. It is easy to see. Couldn't be happier.

Tom Ramsey

Austin, TX

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"Absolutely phenomenal. This was my first test run on a large outdoor TV for my short term rental homes. It’s an absolute hit. Increased revenue immediately. I was a little hesitant but so happy with the results. Hundred percent recommend Yolo TVs."

Steve Austin

Indio, CA

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Screen looks amazing! They did a great job. Freaking love it !! So good thank you.

Brent Walters

Sour Lake, TX

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Sizes and Specifications

YOLO TV SIZE  Image (W) ft  Image (H) ft Weight (lbs)


YOLO TV 115"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 8.2
Image (H) ft: 4.92
Weight (lbs): 275

YOLO TV 138"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 9.84
Image (H) ft:   5.74
Weight (lbs):  550

YOLO TV 202"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 14.76
Image (H) ft: 11.5
Weight (lbs): 700

YOLO TV 246"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 18
Image (H) ft:   9.8
Weight (lbs):  1150

YOLO TV 273"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 19.6
Image (H) ft:   11.4
Weight (lbs):  1300

YOLO TV 317"

Technical Details:

Image (W) ft : 22.96
Image (H) ft:   13.12
Weight (lbs):  1450

Project Features


The World's Largest Outdoor TV


The Only TV Engineered to operate 24/7/365


With mobility can be moved in different locations


The Brightest TV in the World


Ability to Rise or lower TV for enhanced viewing


Control in the palm of your hands