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YOLO TV is changing the way families spend time together at home.

Your Outdoor Living Oasis otherwise known as YOLO TV (

YOLO TV first introduced giant outdoor television stadium experiences and now they launched a new website to bring the same experience to your backyard.

The new website with updated product pages and easy one-click scheduling is a one-stop destination for the person who wants to transform their backyard into an outdoor living oasis with the largest all-weather outdoor LED television systems.

Their inventory features large-scale outdoor televisions starting with their 138-inch series all the way up to massive outdoor stadium screens over 317-inches.

YOLO TV products use the same LED technology used in most state-of-the-art sports stadiums and entertainment venues worldwide. So now you can bring the tailgate party to your house with daylight bright screens – it’s perfect for any sport – even during the day in direct sunlight.

YOLO TVs are also a great way for watching movies and making everyday TV watching events special and memorable with your family – just an all around feature that will make your backyard stand out.

The newly launched website features updated product specifications and details, as well as, new images of the screens in YOLO TV offers customers an easy, one-click site survey scheduling experience and one of the best product warranties in the industry.

Our on-site installation team will provide seamless integration with new or existing AV equipment.

The brand name YOLO is an acronym for Your Outdoor Living Oasis. However, the mindset is You Only Live Once-so why not live life large?

YOLO TV solutions will ensure your house is the one where everyone wants to be, creating family memories that will last for generations, while at the same time giving your home that “It” factor to make it stand out in a crowded home resale market.

For more information visit our FAQ page or browse our website at or call (844) 4YOLOTV.

Media Contact:
Christine Bachman 214-972-2787

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