YOLO Outdoor TV FAQs

Are YOLO TVs fully weatherproof?

Absolutely. Outdoor YOLO TVs were engineered to handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. Each YOLO TV is rated with an IP66 ingress protection rating. Designed to be used 24/7/365 in any climate including, cold, hot, rain, snow, wind, salt, and air conditions.

What is the lifespan of a YOLO TV?

The life of a YOLO TV is 100,000 hours to half brightness. So after 11 years 4 months and 15 days of continuously watching your YOLO TV 24/7/365, the screen would be at half brightness. (Approximately 2500-3000 nits) Good news is… even after 11 years continuous use, YOLO TV is still 3 times brighter than any other “outdoor” tv on the market today!

What is the lead time to installation?

Lead time is typically 10-12 weeks. Expedited delivery (6 weeks) available.

How long does installation take?

A typical installation takes about 1-2 days for our team to install the TV panels and provide training.

Do I have to put anything away when it starts raining?

Absolutely not.

Does it include speakers?

Speakers are optional. We can provide speakers for you or integrate your existing outdoor sound system.


We provide industry-leading 5-year peace of mind warranty on parts and factory labor.

What happens if something breaks or goes wrong?

If warrantied components stop working properly, you will simply contact our customer care department and we will send you a replacement part.

Is it completely permanent?

The installation can be moved. However, most finance partners require the TV to be installed permanently at the original location until paid off. But, in case of moving the TV or just moving in general, we do offer a LIMITED TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY: The warranty period starts the day of delivery, and may be transferable within warranty period (five years). Components manufactured by third parties (speakers, cameras, etc) will be covered explicitly by said third party warranty.

Viewing distance?

The viewing distance is somewhat relative to the physical size of the TV. Typically we recommend a minimum viewing distance of 10-12ft.

Can I control the brightness?

Absolutely. You can control the brightness at any time day or night with a simple swipe of the app on your phone.

Does your company do the installation?

Certified YOLO TV technician from an authorized Dealer will install the TV panels on the structure you provide, as well as, provides on-site training. The process is about 1-2 days depending on the TV size and type of installation.

Will there be a glare?

YOLO TVs are completely glare free. Your viewing experience from any angle will be crisp and vivid.

Can I watch it in direct sunlight?

Absolutely. At over 6000 nits brightness, your YOLO TV is easily viewable without glare even in direct sunlight.

What is the process?

At YOLO TV, we promise a seamless, customer-centric experience. We start with a site survey based on your photos and videos, design your to-scale TV setup, fabricate it, and handle installation and training. Trust us for hassle-free, top-quality service.

Can I connect it to a gaming system?

Of course! Any gaming system or component with an HDMI or SDI connection can be connected and fully integrated.

How much room do I need for this? Is my backyard big enough?

This depends on the size of the TV and the type of installation. Typically, you need about 6” depth and a minimum width equal to the size of your YOLO TV.

OK, so I'm sold and ready to buy. What happens next?

We require 60% deposit, 30% prior to delivery and final 10% when installation is complete.

How much does it cost?

YOLO Outdoor TVs start at $18,900, plus delivery and installation.

Do I need a permit for this?

You do not.

Are there any legal restrictions I need to be aware of?

Some neighborhoods may have light restriction ordinances. At any rate, our YOLO TVs are equipped with photo sensor cells that automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment and light conditions.

What is the resolution/pixel pitch?

All of our TVs take an HD signal., with some indoor models boasting a 4k resolution. Depending on the environment (indoor or outdoor) and the size of the TV the pitch is 1.2mm - 3.81mm

What are the different TV sizes that you sell?

Check out the sizes here:

Outdoor TV: https://yolotvs.com/outdoor-tvs
Indoor TV: https://yolotvs.com/indoor-tvs
Outdoor Rise TV: https://yolotvs.com/the-rise

Can the system run on wireless? And if yes, how?

There are two components. The control system (video processor and controller) and then the input system (internet, cable box, DVD, etc). The control system must be hardwired via ethernet or fiber. The control system is used to turn on the system and adjust the brightness and color. The input system can be switched using the remote control from the input device.

Do I need an enclosure to protect it from weather?

Absolutely not. YOLO Outdoor TVs are engineered to the highest Ingress Protection of any TV on the market today. Boasting an IP66 rating your YOLO TV is dustproof and protected against even sprayed jets of water from any direction.

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