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Three Key Factors in Choosing the Right Outdoor TV

May 29, 20233 min read

The demand for outdoor TVs is expected to soar upwards with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.1% up to the year 2024 and reach over US $600 million in 2021.


As the demand continues to grow, so does the consumers needs, wants and desires.
This is especially true on one feature in particular… size. In the outdoor space, evidently bigger is better. YOLO outdoor TVs are the largest in the USA. With sizes starting at 138″ to over 300″ (diagonal), YOLO TVs crush the competition.


In the outdoor space… space is the key. Especially for large gatherings and parties where many people are watching the tv. Smaller televisions are meant to have a viewing distance of just a couple of meters. Which means everyone is crammed together to watch one screen. Our outdoor tvs are designed to create a stadium or arena atmosphere in the privacy of your own backyard… and of course 100 or 150 of your best friends.

outdoor tv brightness


Aside from size, the next obvious need if you plan to watch television, is to be able to see it! For a tv to be easily seen in direct sunlight it must be a minimum of 5000 nits. Nits are a popular industry term for the measure brightness (candelas). Unfortunately very few manufacturers have built outdoor televisions that are easily watchable in direct sunlight. However, many of those manufacturers are still advertising that their televisions are daylight bright – even though their brightness level is less than 40% of where it needs to be. YOLO TVs are a minimum of 5000 nits bright.

In fact. many manufacturers of outdoor TVs recognize the fact that their product cannot be seen in direct sunlight, thus they suggest avoiding direct sunlight, or adding a roof to help provide shade for the screen.

IP 65

To learn more about brightness and the required number of nits for an outdoor TV, click this link.

IP Rating – Weather Protection

When making the decision on the best television for your family and needs, size and brightness are absolutely critical. But, so is weatherproofing. Mother Nature can be a wicked woman. So, it is important that if you plan on having your tv permanently installed in the elements, it should be weatherproof.

The most critical measurement of weather rating is called ingress protection, or IP rating. The IP rating, rates the product based on its ability to not allow water or dust to penetrate. Most outdoor televisions will have an IP rating of 55 and they will require an enclosure. The problem with enclosures, they typically produce glare which makes it difficult to see the screen. And secondarily, enclosure trap heat which will degrade the electronics within the television.

Each YOLO TV has an IP rating of 65, does not require any protective enclosures, therefore the image is crisp and vibrant. And YOLO TVs have a shelf life of over 100,000 hours until it’s brightness level is at 50% – which is still 10% brighter than all of the other outdoor tvs on the market.

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